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If you’re unfamiliar with treatments or models to manage body-focused repetitive behaviors, and are still in the thick of it, then I expect you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what's in How to Heal Your BFRB: 4 Steps to Stopping Compulsive Skin Picking, Hair Pulling, and More (the BFRB Guide for short).

When I decided to write this guide in March 2019, I thought I had discovered how to solve dermatillomania and trichotillomania. If you’ve been a BFRBer for some time, you probably know not much information was out there in the past. But as I got deeper than ever into the BFRB world, I learned my steps correlate with proven, existing, body-focused repetitive behavior treatments. I really had discovered how to stop! I just wasn't the first person ever...not by far.

That said, these steps are presented differently, and though I’ve strengthened them with sources and research, they’re the same as when I first applied them myself: approachable, not medical or academic.

Even if you have come across therapies for how to stop picking or pulling, I recommend the BFRB Guide to you for new insights and further healing. The more we BFRBers engage with therapeutic content about this thing, the better.

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Illustration of the BFRB Guide author

Originally from the tropical island of Dominican Republic, Lauren Inés Ruiz Bloise is a writer, a freelance editor of over 10 years, a Spanish-English medical interpreter of over five years, and not least, a recovered skin picker, currently living in tree-filled New Hampshire in the USA.

She didn't think her first book would be about body-focused repetitive behaviors, but life often surprises us. This time in a fantastic way.

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