My Favorite Yoga Video on the Web to De-Stress and Avoid Picking

Screenshot of Intro Screen for Yoga with Adriene's 10-Minute Yoga for Self-Care video on YouTube
Yoga with Adriene Intro Screenshot

Host: Adriene Mishler
Title: 10-Minute Yoga for Self-Care

I tend to be pretty indie about things (ha!), but Yoga by Adriene’s channel on YouTube has over 9 million subscribers for a reason. It’s one of my favorites for yoga online. In particular, this video is my favorite.

It’s short, and it’s light on movement (so I can often convince myself to do it even when I’m feeling tired, down…or lazy). And yet, I always feel great after following along.

I take out my mat, push the coffee table aside, and play the video over the smart TV.

Did I mention it’s low-key? Even a short video can be cumbersome depending on one’s current mindset, but this one feels like a cloud.

If you’re a skin picker, hair puller, nail or skin chewer, or have another body-focused repetitive behavior, I especially recommend you try it.

For more videos I recommend for those with dermatillomania, HPD, and other BFRBers, check out the BFRB Guide’s YouTube channel.

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